Virgílio Varela | Dream Dancing
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Dream Dancing

We invite you to come on this inspiring journey: listen to your dreams and use
your body to express it


Why do we stop following our dreams?
Could we discover the answer with our bodies, using our natural movement and dance?

Dream Dancing come to create a journey using our senses and deepest intuition.
In this journey, OUR LIFE is the project. Join us to dream, plan, do and celebrate ourselves during it.


During this workshop you will: 

  • Practice Pinakarri, a deep listening process from the Mardu aboriginal people from Australia.

  • Practice dream circle: a powerful way to reconnect to your dreams.

  • Understand some of the blockages of your project.

  • Practice and discover the deepest meaning of celebration

A special moment to embodied movement
a spiritual liberation practice, giving ourselves the permission to be who we really are, underneath it all. We dance what is raw, real, present and let our bodies be our guide.


You must book your place in order to attend


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